Max Winton Bar Mitzvah

Dean Winton -

Great pictures as always Ricardo…you never cease to amaze us! Thank you.

Teri Gach Winton -

Ricardo, the pictures are wonderful! It is true artistry to capture the image along with all the emotion behind the image, and that is what you do every time. We had a blast at the Bar Mitzvah, and now we can relive those amazing moments whenever we see the pictures. You are the best! Thank you for everything!

Peter Korman -

Mazel Tov!

Katherine Kessler -

Mazel tov!!! Just beautiful!

Ricardo Serpa -

Thank you for your always kind words, Teri! I can only capture emotion when it’s there to be captured, and you all made my work a very easy one… 🙂 Happy to know you liked the first ones, there are lots more to come in a few weeks more. My love to you all!

Ricardo Serpa -

Thanks, Dean! Max was fantastic and had a blast, and so did you all. It was easy for me to see and capture, the day was full of emotion and very happy moments!

Michael Rosenberg -

Mazel Tov!

Pure Energy Entertainment -

Awesome LOL love it!

Linda Reeder -

Ricardo….Amazing…..As usual!

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