Adam and Matthew Cohen B’nai Mitzvah

Doug Cohen -

Ricardo – these pictures look absolutely amazing. You have an incredible ability to capture the excitement of each moment. Can’t wait to see the rest of the pictures! Thanks for everything, you did a phenomenal job.

Carl Colaizzi -

He loks just like YOU

ricardo -

Thank you, Doug, it was a real pleasure. An amazing weekend, congrats to you all!

Doug Cohen -

Ya think? 🙂 Adam, the smaller of the 2, is kind of a clone. Even plays the sax, but because he has played piano for 8 years prior to starting he is WAY better.

Diane N Callen -

Amazing Party! Looking Forward To Seeing The Final Prints Of The Cafe Iguana Extravaganza!

Ricardo Serpa Photography -

Thanks, Diane, it was indeed an amazing party and I loved the new look of Café Iguana. I will have some photos for you as soon as I have finished processing the whole set. Hang in there… 🙂

Diane N Callen -

Thanks so much Ricardo! I am very much looking forward to seeing your fabulous photo work! Talk to you soon!

Rosalind Siegel -

This is incredible!

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