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Lux is a South Florida studio dedicated to fine documentary photography for special wedding and bar/bat mitzvah celebrations. I founded the studio back in 2006, backed by a professional experience of over 25 years covering news in my native Brazil and abroad. As photojournalism changed profoundly over the course of the past two decades, with the number of newspapers and magazines drastically decreasing, I was looking for new ways to apply my ability to tell stories through meaningful images. Lux quickly became known for its attention to the emotion and those important “little moments” which define each of these milestone occasions.

Andrew Marrero was the very first photographer hired by the studio, back in 2006. A native South Floridian, Andrew has a natural talent that was carefully perfected during his first years at Lux, working as a main photographer in countless events and developing a vision which matched my own goal of delivering the very best results to our clients. In 2010, Lux became Ricardo Serpa Photography, following my desire to run a smaller and more intimate photography studio, and Andrew went on to open his own business. During the past few years, we became even closer friends, and despite having different companies, he photographed alongside me whenever two photographers were needed for larger events.

For quite some time, though, I’d been feeling it was time to start a new chapter in my photographic journey. I have been doing a lot of traveling for the past couple of years, dedicating more time to personal book projects and fine art photography and, in a way, going back to my roots as a photojournalist. I’ve also wanted to start leading photography workshops, but free time (or the lack of it) was always an issue. With bookings for the studio happening two or three years in advance, I had to plan for a change that would allow me more freedom to pursue these other interests. The new Lux is the natural consequence of all this planning.

Andrew Marrero is back at the studio, now as a full-time partner and lead photographer, while I manage the company and overview all production aspects, making sure the standards which were set back in 2006 are kept as high as ever. This is a perfect combination of talent and skills, with Andrew keeping the studio’s tradition of offering world-class event photography, and myself as the one responsible to make things run as flawless as possible. 

We have learned over the years that one word makes all the difference when it comes to documenting any once-in-a-lifetime moment: care. One has to sincerely care, one has to understand how special the occasion is for the people celebrating it. Photography is an important part of any unique event, for sure, but it’s one of many other factors making the whole moment so special. Complete dedication and commitment to excellence, besides a hassle-free experience, are absolutely important. The following quote from the studio’s original website probably better describes how much Andrew and I understand this:

We believe in photography as an expression of art, and that good enough is never enough. Our goal is to always create unique images and tell the story of very special moments, with all the joy, spontaneity and emotion that are already there. It’s not what you see, but how you see it… We are driven by passion. Passion for life, for people, for photography. Not your everyday images, but something special. A visual feast for your eyes, a fine treat for your emotions. Be it your wedding day, be it that long-waited Mitzvah celebration or a funny, relaxed family afternoon at the beach, what we offer you is our complete dedication to an unforgettable experience.



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